The game of life

Big game fishing is a maldivian popular adventure. On this trip, you’ll join professional fishermen to catch fish like marlin, tuna, wahoo and more. A big game fishing package can range from two hours to a full day and can be a very rewarding experience.


Exploring the lagoon

Stand up paddleboarding takes place in the calm lagoons and is suitable for all ages and abilities. You’ll spend a few peaceful hours spotting tropical sea life while working on your core strength and fitness.


Free wind

The wide tranquil lagoon of Ocean Voice Beach with a moderate breeze is the perfect place to windsurf in safety.


Wild wind

Kitesurfing is perfect for thrill seekers and the Ocean Voice Beach lagoon is an exceptional place for kitesurfers; for the most experts the west wind season turns the large lagoon into a kitesurfers magic place ensuring safety and adrenaline. Using just the power of the wind, you’ll be propelled across the crystal clear waters at high speed while soaking up the stunning scenery that surrounds you.


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